Snow White

Lost Theatre

A perennial favourite in the Geoids Musical Theatre calendar, we returned for a fourth time to LOST Theatre with the exercise in cramming that is the 48-Hour Panto.

Armed with a new script by our very own Chris Hughes-Copping, we once again brought a full length pantomime with songs and dances from page to stage within one weekend. We began on the Friday evening with auditions at the wonderful Bishopsgate Institute. With the show cast we rehearsed there for the rest of the evening and were back at 8am on the Saturday to learn the rest of the show, finishing at 10pm - ready for a good night's sleep before heading to the theatre on the Sunday.

Our amazing tech team got their equipment installed double quick, the band got set up, and we squeezed in a dress rehearsal. Then at 4pm, we put on the tale of Snow White, complete with monsters, dwarfs, a magic mirror, panto heckles, sweets, confetti and a giant chase sequence. Oh yes we did!


John - Justin Jeffreys
Snow White - Hannah Parker Smith
Queen - Lisa Crook
Mirror - Francesca Canty
Prince - Daniel Paul
Huntsman - Sean Westwood
Valet - Holly Matthews
Steward - Ed Steward
Cookie - Ed Curry


Michael Marsden
Hannah Gibson
Will Howells
Alexis Rose
Nathalie Joel-Smith
Leon Hernandez
Laura Dodge


Roberta Draper
Kathryn Quinn
Nichola Welch
Charlie Welch
Pippa Welch

Production team

Director/Writer: Chris Hughes-Copping
Musical Directors: Ben Papworth & Scott Harrison
Choreographers: Nichola Welch, Charlie Welch, Pippa Welch
Assistant Director: Chris Watson
Producer: Angela Hay
Assistant Producer: Blake Klein
Sound and Lighting: Mark Baxter, Matt Evans, Graham Webb & John Linford
Stage Manager: Giles Burden


Keys - Ben Papworth
Guitar - Grant Urquhart
Drums - James Gillard