The hippie ideology of the late 1960s sought a new world order based on love, peace and harmony. The Tribe have chosen to live together in a commune led by the charismatic Berger. As they act out their lives, we glimpse their beliefs and vision for a better world. At a time when thousands of young men were going to fight in Vietnam, they refused, and dared for the first time to challenge authority and ask why.

Ground-breaking when first produced, Hair arguably defined the rock musical genre, with amazing musical numbers (“Hair”, “Let the Sunshine In”, “Aquarius”) and a strong, poignant message.

"Quite possibly the most engaging and enthralling amateur dramatics show I have come across – ever." - London Theatre 1

"Beautifully choreographed and brilliantly sung... The action, dance and music blended seamlessly together to create a slick, tight production." - Sardines Magazine

"The movement and music are always completely tuned to the meaning of the lyrics which, because of the excellent sound balance, you can always hear clearly. The great musical moments were always going to be the ensemble singing of the entire cast as the tribe who have an extraordinary knack of shifting pace, tempo and harmonies with a speed and conviction that could leave you breathless." - British Theatre Guide


Berger - Barry Lattimore-Quinn
Sheila - Charlie Welch
Claude - Franciscus Prins
Woof - Lewis Simington
Jeanie - Hannah Parker Smith
Hud - Tashan Nicholas
Dionne - Melisa Minton-Djoumessi
Crissy - Pippa Welch
Margaret Mead/Steve - William Moss
Ronny - Nichola Welch
Linda - Nicole Vassell
Marjorie - Michelle Smith
Mark/Hubert - Sean Westwood
OJ - Dave Octave
Mary - Charlotte Green
Natalie - Holly Matthews
Paul - Daniel Paul
Walter - Jamie Wright
Leata - Jamila Jennings-Grant
Diane - Jane Skinner
Emmaretta - Jenny Barnard
Suzannah - Rebecca Parker Smith

Production team

Co-Director/Choreographer: Julia Kleinsteuber-Walker
Co-Director/Musical Director: Edward Steward
Producer: Will Howells
Production Assistant: Hannah Parker Smith
Sound: Adrian Jeakins
Lighting: Graham Webb
Promotional Design: Michael Marsden
Promotional Photography: Daniel Penfold
Promotional Styling: Lemington Ridley
Props: Angela Hay
Video Production: Mike Kleinsteuber

Book & Lyrics: Gerome Ragni & James Rado
Music by Galt MacDermot
Produced for the Broadway stage by Michael Butler
Originally produced by the New York Shakespeare Festival
An amateur production by arrangement with Musicscope & Stage Musicals Ltd of New York