Camelot: A 48-hour Pantomime

LOST Theatre

Camelot: A 48-Hour Pantomime - Sunday 15th January 2017, 4pmBringing a full show from page to stage within one weekend, our 48-hour challenge returned in 2017 with Camelot: A 48-hour Pantomime!


Samantha Bullock, Aoife Considine, Philippa Cotton, Ed Curry, Laura Dodge, Sebastiaan Douma, Roberta Draper, Daisy Fordham, Adrian Hau, Christy Hawkins, Stephen Hewitt, Tal Hewitt, Ben Hiam, Yvonne Higgins, Emma Hosier, Will Howells, Jamila Jennings-Grant, Nathalie Joel-Smith, Amy Lenander, Melisa Minton-Djoumessi, Dave Octave, Hannah Parker Smith, Franciscus Prins, Michelle Remnant, Alexis Rose, Olivia Stearman, Becky Thomas, Nicole Vassell, David Walker-Smith, Annabel Watson, Vaughan Watts, Charlie Welch, Nichola Welch, Pippa Welch and Sean Westwood

Production team

Directors: Daniel Paul and Chris Watson
Writer: Rob Benton
Choreographers: Nichola Welch, Charlie Welch & Philippa Welch
Musical Director: Ed Steward
Producer: Angela Hay
Technical Producer: Blake Klein
Technical Producer/Stage Manager: Giles Burden
Lighting/Sound: Markus Baxter