Little Shop of Horrors: Audition Notice

Little Shop of Horrors

UPDATE 07/01/2022

After reviewing the latest COVID situation, the Geoids Committee, alongside the Little Shop Creative team, have decided to replace all in person first round auditions with pre-submitted recordings (video auditions).

Auditions will no longer take place at Pollyanna as previously advertised. All those who signed up will be sent instructions on how to submit their recordings. Recording must be submitted by 10pm on Friday 21st January.

We intend to continue with recalls and rehearsals in person as planned, however, we will continue to review the situation as it evolves.

We are also pleased to announce that as a result of this change we are able to increase our audition capacity. You still need to reserve your place and submit an audition form. Places are now available to book at Once you have completed your registration you will be sent instructions to upload your recordings.

We are actively encouraging more applications for the roles of MR MUSHNIK and ORIN SCRIVELLO. Additionally, and in line with Geoids Musical Theatre’s commitment to diversity in amateur theatre, the creative team are particularly keen to hear from more auditionees who do not identify as White British for all parts. The exceptions to this are the parts of Ronnette, Chiffon and Crystal for which we are committed to the racially appropriate casting of Black performers.

Please see the updated audition notice for further details: LSOH Audition Notice


Please select one reading (for the role you think you are most interested in) and video record yourself doing the piece in one take. Feel free to use a friend (off camera) to fill in other lines or leave a space. We are not interested in movement here so please record this relatively still, ‘to camera’.


Backing tracks have now been uploaded to the link below. Please video record yourself singing to the track in a single take. We are not looking for any fancy editing here. We suggest you play the backing track on a separate device, and please do not worry about the balance between the track and you as long as your vocal is clear on the recording.

If you would like to audition for several different parts, you may choose just one song for
one of the characters for your first audition.


Please video record the routine in one full take, try and ensure you are able to get your full body in shot for as much of the recording as possible. If you are new to movement, or struggle to learn choreography from a video, please let us know.


All audition materials are also available at this drive link.