Half A Sixpence Audition Notice!


Geoids Musical Theatre is delighted to announce auditions for our upcoming production of Half A Sixpence.

We are aiming to create a production that is high-energy, fast-moving, joyful and heart-warming, The show will be supported by strong production values enforced by your commitment to the most professional possible result. The nature of this show requires a diverse cast of all ages who are strong singers and accomplished actors. We expect all parts to require a basic level of dance ability with some ensemble and principal parts requiring more advanced skills.

The audition notice with more details is available here.

If you would like to be involved in the show in any other capacity or have any questions please contact us at sixpence@geoidsmt.co.uk. If you would like to audition please email us with your preferred slot.

Audition Material


Please prepare to read one of the following extracts.


For the solo singing audition please prepare one of the following extracts.


All auditionees must learn the general dance routine. If auditioning for the role of Kipps or Ensemble, please also learn the advanced dance section. Dance routines will not be taught at the audition so it’s essential that these are learned in advanced. There will be time, in the group dance audition, for a short group practise.

Half A Sixpence: Production Team Annouced!

We are delighted to announce our creative team for Half a Sixpence

Director – Luke Renwick
Musical Director – Issie Osborne
Choreographer – Paul Brookland Williams
Producer – Giles Burden

The show will take place at Bridewell Theatre on the 5th to 9th November. There will be a workshop for the show on Sunday 8th June, with auditions on the 10th and 13th July, and recalls on the 17th July, so get those dates in your diary!

Geoids is incredibly excited about this show and look forward to getting it off the ground!

Any questions and enquiries please email sixpence@geoidsmt.co.uk.

November Show Announcement: Half a Sixpence

Yes – that’s it! We’re planning on having flash, bang, wallop of a time with the sensational Half A Sixpence.

Based on H.G. Wells semi-autobiographical novel, Kipps. It tells the story of Arthur Kipps, an over-worked orphan draper’s assistant at the turn of the last century. When Kipps unexpectedly inherits a fortune that propels him into high society, it confuses everything he thought he knew about life. Watching him wrestle with his new identity is his childhood companion and not-quite girlfriend, Ann Pornick, who sees with dismay how Arthur is being made over in a new image by the beautiful and classy Helen Walsingham. She is always there with helpful hints on how Arthur could improve himself and make his life richer and more meaningful, if only he would believe in himself, and listen to her. Both of these young women love Arthur – there is no doubt about that – but which should he listen to? With the help of his friends, Arthur learns that if you want to have the chance of living the right life, you need to make the right choices.

This iconic musical with timeless numbers like Flash Bang Wallop, A Proper Gentleman and the title number Half a Sixpence is not only filled with great music but will be a great opportunity for some of the iconic dance numbers we here at Geoids are famed for!

The show will be running 5th to 9th November 2019 in the Bridewell Theatre. We are incredibly excited to have this as part of our 2019 season and think it will perfectly compliment A Little Night Music. More information about auditions to follow in due course.

Casting annouced for A Little Night Music

We are thrilled to be able to announce our cast for A Little Night Music, and that tickets are on sale now!


Desiree Armfeldt – Sara Rajeswaren

Mdme Armfeldt – Sandra Murray

Frederika Armfeldt – Gwenno Jones

Fredrik Egerman – Chris Waiting

Anne Egerman – Freya Morgan

Henrik Egerman – Barry O’Reilly

Petra – Tara Blackburn

Count Carl-Magnus Malcom – Johan Samuelsson

Charlotte Malcolm – Louisa Roberts


The Quintet

Mrs Nordstrom – Polly Beaumont

Mrs Anderssen – Lara Comber

Mrs Segstrom – Amy Folden

Mr Erlanson – Will Emery

Mr Lindquist – Franciscus Prins



Frid – Sam Sugarman

Malla – Rebecca Thomas

Bertand – Brett McHargue

Osa – Tina Torbey

Production Team and Auditions for A Little Night Music

We are incredibly excited to be able to announce our very talented production team for our May production of A Little Night Music at the Bridewell Theatre. We will be welcoming some new faces to Geoids in our Director, Sebastian Palka, and our Musical Director, Issie Osborne, as well as welcoming back Honor Roche as Chorographer.

We have now released the audition notice, and are inviting members to sign up via this online form for auditions on January 29th and February 2nd. Recalls will be on February 3rd. If you have any question get in contact with us at nightmusic@geoidsmt.co.uk

Auditions for Love Sucks: An Alternative Valentine’s Cabaret

Valentine’s Day is a saccharine sweet Hallmark holiday and it’s easy to pull together a load of love songs to celebrate it.

That doesn’t always make for the most interesting of cabarets.

So here at Geoids we have decided to put together our own, alternative, look at the holiday and take a look at love, romance, sex and relationships from another angle, exploring unconventional relationships; times where love goes wrong; contradictory emotions that are wrapped up with love. We’re not all out cynics, we promise, we just want to bring a bit of dry humour to the usual view of the holiday.

The team have plenty of ideas but will be working in collaboration with the cast to draw chosen songs together into a cohesive performance. We are very much open to suggestions from performers as to what songs should make the set list. We would be interested to include any genre of music (from show tunes, to folk songs, to pop music) to create a wholly original show that plays to the strengths of those who are cast.

For more information about the show and more details on performances please see our Audition Notice.

Auditions will take place on Monday 3 December at Rag Factory and Tuesday 4 December at  City Lit building next to the Bridewell Theatre. Auditions are split into slots with more information in the Audition Notice, but you must email us at lovesucks@geoidsmt.co.uk to book your slot.

Join our A Little Night Music production team!

Our first full show of 2019 will be the Sondheim Classic, A Little Night Music. Performing 7-11 May 2019 at The Bridewell Theatre, London.

The entrancing adaption of Ingmar Bergman’s comedy of manners, Smiles of a Summer Night, is proof of Sondheim’s masterful execution and elegance. The witty and moving winner of four Tony Awards, focuses on the tangled web of affairs surrounding Desirée Armfeldt, her lovers, her family and their families. Culminating in an unforgettable Weekend in the Country there are infinite possibilities of new romances and second chances that could bring endless surprises.

We are currently looking to meet with potential production team members, so if you want to be involved with the team behind this production and see yourself as a Producer, Director, Choreographer, MD or in a more technical role then email us.

We are delighted to bring yet another challenging Sondheim musical to you as part of our exciting 2019 season. Stay tuned for more information on audition dates.

Toe Tapping Tunes

Toe-tapping tunes to a picnic in the park!

Creative partners and good friends, Paul Cozens & Cara Turtington, are the creative team behind all the music and dance in The Pajama Game performing at The Bridewell Theatre, 6-10 November 2018. We caught up with our Musical Director and Choreographer to find out more about what to expect from the show…

What can we expect from the music in the show?

Paul: It’s 1950s and the usual diverse range you’d expect from a traditional musical. From big band to Laurel and Hardy motifs as part of a comedy ballet! Plenty of earworms to take home with you. It’s all very hummable and those toes will be urging to tap!

What kind of dancing can we expect to see?

Cara: There’s a variety of styles. The show is set in the 50s and so a lot of the themes reflect back to that era. There’s some jazz, some fosse styling, and some Latin creeping in amongst the musical theatre.  Most of it is happy though and should make you feel good!

Tell us about the band!

Paul: The original orchestration is huge and there’s nowhere near enough room in the Bridewell to house such a band, but our twelve-strong ensemble will have it all covered!

How much have you been inspired by the original choreography?

Cara: I’ve seen a few variations of the show over the years and I’m sure they have had an influence. However, when I know I’m doing a show I try to stay away from the published recordings to make sure I can come up with something unique to the cast I’m working with. The cast has been awesome! Plus I’ve had inspiration found everywhere from a picnic in the park to Stoke-on-Trent train station.

What music are you most looking forward to conducting in the show?

Paul: The Once A Year Day dance break!

Which number are you most excited to see on the stage?

Cara: If you’d have asked a couple of weeks ago I’d have said Steam Heat. Today it’s Hernando’s Hideaway though. The lights should make all the difference in that number. Fingers crossed!


Geoids present The Pajama Game 6-10 November at The Bridewell Theatre.

Book your tickets online now!

Introducing our Debut Duo

Geoids is excited to be bringing fresh talent to the London stage with its two leads making their debut performance at The Bridewell Theatre in The Pajama Game, (6-10 November 2018). Lois Howarth will be playing loveable employee Katherine “Babe” Williams, having recently appeared as a Shark girl in Bishopsgate’s production of West Side Story. Playing opposite her is Will de Renzy-Martin, as Sid Sorokin, the new superintendent of the Pajama factory. He is making his first musical appearance since graduating from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. They talk to us about joining Geoids and getting ready to perform this hidden-gem of a show…

How much did you know about The Pajama Game beforehand?
Lois: I knew a couple of the songs but nothing else about the show, so I watched the movie and was surprised by how funny and in many ways modern it is – there are some fabulous strong female characters.
Will: I’ve loved the song Hey There for as long as I can remember, and first saw the show when it came to London with Michael Xavier and Joanna Riding. Since then I’ve always wanted to have a go at it myself!

You’re both new to Geoids! How have you found joining the company? 
Will: What a lovely group of people to step into. I was worried, having not done anything before, that I’d feel out of place – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Lois: Yes, such a warm and welcoming bunch of people. And no divas!

What have you enjoyed about rehearsing for The Pajama Game? 
Lois: We’ve had a great time digging deeper into the relationships between the characters.
Will: I agree. Also, I’m a big fan of singing loudly about my emotions, and that’s something Sid and I have in common.

Have you done any of research away from the rehearsal room?  
Lois: I read the book on which the show is based (not exactly the same plot it transpires…) and I also got out my sewing machine recently to remind myself how they work!
Will: Last week I took a trip to a vintage shop to try to get a feel for the kind of shoes & clothes that Sid might wear, and failing to put on a pair of trousers I fell and nearly decapitated myself on a clothes rail – does that count?

Tell us about your characters
Will: Sid is a stubborn, brooding, lone wolf with a romantic soul.
Lois: Babe is a principled activist and beloved everywoman, with a surprisingly soft centre.
No wonder sparks fly!

What have you found challenging about getting to grips with your character? 
Lois: You get to see Babe in so many roles and interacting with so many different people, so it’s been interesting trying to put those facets together.
Will: It’s pretty difficult to figure out what Sid’s thinking at points, but I’m getting there…

Which song in the show are you most looking forward to performing? 
Lois: There is such variety… for sheer gorgeousness – Hey There, for utter silliness – There Once Was a Man.
Will: They’re all great in different ways, so I couldn’t put my finger on just one!

To catch Lois and Will performing in The Pajama Game at The Bridewell Theatre 6-10 November 2018, book your seats now at ticketsource.co.uk/geoids

Pillow talk with the co-directors of The Pajama Game

Behind the fluff is a fight for what’s right!

Co-directors Grace Iglesias-Fernandez and Emma Coffey (pictured) make their directorial debut with Geoids, having earned their stripes performing in previous Geoids productions Sweet Charity, My Fair Lady and On the Twentieth Century. We chat to them about this exciting show before The Pajama Game takes to the Bridewell stage 6-10 November 2018.

How would you sum up the show?

A vibrant musical comedy that’s bursting at the seams with 1950s Americana!

Tell us more!

It’s a classic musical comedy with plenty of catchy numbers and loveable characters, but with a lot more substance than many other shows of the Golden Age! That’s because it manages to balance comedy with drama, putting at the forefront the workers’ fight for fair pay, feminist characters and a modern romance.

What is your take on The Pajama Game?

We’ve really tried to focus on bringing out the modernity of the characters. We have women who are ahead of their time and men who aren’t afraid of that, both of which are joys to work with as directors. You can almost tell that the show is based on a novel as the themes are expertly woven through the script and the songs alike.

How have you approached telling the story?

Our directing style is all about keeping the classic musical theatre vibe while making the characters feel as real as we can, particularly Babe and Sid. We want it to feel modern and classic all at once!

We wanted to keep the workers’ quest for fair pay and the revolutionary, fighting spirit at the forefront so we’ve also really tried to give our fantastic ensemble the chance to shine, creating their own individual characters to add depth to the show.

Combining the above with a healthy dose of infectious music, dancing and lots of laughter, we think we have a blend of escapism and relevant ideals that make for a great evening!

Why do you think it’s relevant to be playing now in London?

Fighting for employment rights will always be relevant. In today’s world, there are still very real issues around companies exploiting our generation’s willingness to work all hours of the day and many people living below the poverty line despite having a full-time job because wages aren’t rising fast enough to keep up with the cost of living – particularly in London. Whilst a small town in Iowa couldn’t be more different to modern London, we know that our fantastic cast will create an evening so absorbing that the packed tube commute will seem like a million miles away!

The show will also be performing on Equal Pay Day! Is that pertinent?

The struggle of worker bee vs ruling class is something that will always ring true, and particularly the feminist threads running throughout the show of women who know their own mind, who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in and who very much hold the balance of power in some surprising elements of their life, is something that we hope will appeal to a modern audience.

And what is great about this show is that we see a strong young woman fighting for the greater cause. She’s willing to put her job and wellbeing on the line for the good of her peers. We could all do with taking notes from Babe Williams!

Book your tickets now to reserve the best seats!

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