Introducing our Debut Duo

Geoids is excited to be bringing fresh talent to the London stage with its two leads making their debut performance at The Bridewell Theatre in The Pajama Game, (6-10 November 2018). Lois Howarth will be playing loveable employee Katherine “Babe” Williams, having recently appeared as a Shark girl in Bishopsgate’s production of West Side Story. Playing opposite her is Will de Renzy-Martin, as Sid Sorokin, the new superintendent of the Pajama factory. He is making his first musical appearance since graduating from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. They talk to us about joining Geoids and getting ready to perform this hidden-gem of a show…

How much did you know about The Pajama Game beforehand?
Lois: I knew a couple of the songs but nothing else about the show, so I watched the movie and was surprised by how funny and in many ways modern it is – there are some fabulous strong female characters.
Will: I’ve loved the song Hey There for as long as I can remember, and first saw the show when it came to London with Michael Xavier and Joanna Riding. Since then I’ve always wanted to have a go at it myself!

You’re both new to Geoids! How have you found joining the company? 
Will: What a lovely group of people to step into. I was worried, having not done anything before, that I’d feel out of place – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Lois: Yes, such a warm and welcoming bunch of people. And no divas!

What have you enjoyed about rehearsing for The Pajama Game? 
Lois: We’ve had a great time digging deeper into the relationships between the characters.
Will: I agree. Also, I’m a big fan of singing loudly about my emotions, and that’s something Sid and I have in common.

Have you done any of research away from the rehearsal room?  
Lois: I read the book on which the show is based (not exactly the same plot it transpires…) and I also got out my sewing machine recently to remind myself how they work!
Will: Last week I took a trip to a vintage shop to try to get a feel for the kind of shoes & clothes that Sid might wear, and failing to put on a pair of trousers I fell and nearly decapitated myself on a clothes rail – does that count?

Tell us about your characters
Will: Sid is a stubborn, brooding, lone wolf with a romantic soul.
Lois: Babe is a principled activist and beloved everywoman, with a surprisingly soft centre.
No wonder sparks fly!

What have you found challenging about getting to grips with your character? 
Lois: You get to see Babe in so many roles and interacting with so many different people, so it’s been interesting trying to put those facets together.
Will: It’s pretty difficult to figure out what Sid’s thinking at points, but I’m getting there…

Which song in the show are you most looking forward to performing? 
Lois: There is such variety… for sheer gorgeousness – Hey There, for utter silliness – There Once Was a Man.
Will: They’re all great in different ways, so I couldn’t put my finger on just one!

To catch Lois and Will performing in The Pajama Game at The Bridewell Theatre 6-10 November 2018, book your seats now at